Outsourcing customers

  1. Describe your project
  2. Receive several proposals from trusted nearshore service providers
  3. Contract the best

Why Colabpro

  1. 46 outsourcing companies from 12 Eastern European countries with 9300+ engineers in our network
  2. All partners are carefully assessed
  3. Several  proposals from partners according to your particular project requirements and selection criteria

Nearshore service providers

  1. Apply for partnership
  2. Pass assessment
  3. Compete for  project opportunities in areas of your top competences

Why Colabpro

  1. Additional sales channel 
  2. Your investment is limited to passing assessment
  3. Opportunity to compete in areas you feel strong at 

Sales Partnership

If you are resseler of outsourcing services or consultant facing outsourcing opportunities - Become our sales partner!

We share our revenue for each outsourcing lead / opportunity turned into project.

Referral Progam

Join Colabpro referral program and earn on each referral that turns into a project!