At ColabPro, agile is core to our culture

From product development to project delivery, the majority of clients prefer agile methodology. Agile is front and center in what we do.
We like agile because we thrive at delivering working software frequently, collaborating with clients, and responding to fast changing requirements. However, we understand that some customers prefer other methodologies; so, the customer has the final word. We are flexible and can use the approach that makes the most sense for each project. We’ve delivered projects based on agile to many of our clients, including Mercer, Amazon Studios among others.

Our experience shows that agile methodology, if properly applied, is well suited for projects with a variety of characteristics, including:

Distributed or co-located teams

Short (1-2 months) to long (>1 year) durations

Standalone applications, web applications, mobile apps

Single and multi-tier projects, including projects with significant integration efforts

All ColabPro staff have been involved in an agile project at some point; the majority of our technical staff, including developers, testers, designers, business analysts, and project managers, have extensive experience in agile.