You have a business problem? We have a solution and the people to deliver it

By designing, building, and supporting mission-critical enterprise applications, ColabPro helps companies deliver solutions while leveraging the most appropriate technologies for the problem at hand. Our architects utilize best practices learned from experience to provide the necessary planning, mentoring, and tools for development teams to deliver quality solutions on time.


Custom Application Development

We have delivered mission-critical applications for customers of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We develop applications for all devices and all screen sizes that are deployed across multi-tier architectures in the cloud or on premises. We can develop end-to-end solutions, including the user interface, business logic, and integration to enterprise systems, or we can collaborate with your existing teams to fill any gaps in terms of skills or capacity.


Application Technology Migration

We have helped many large enterprises successfully manage their migration initiatives to modernize their business applications, enhancing their competitive advantage. Our services include re-engineering, rationalization, web and mobile enablement, cloud transformation, mobile (iOS, Android, and hybrid) ports, EAI to REST migrations, and more.

Enterprise Architecture Review

Because we have experience architecting and implementing enterprise solutions across hundreds of companies we have already learned many of the best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid. We can apply that expertise to review your architecture and propose improvements to ensure you benefit from the experience that we have accumulated over time and across many other companies in your industry. We can review your enterprise architecture for the best technology choices across the whole stack, appropriate security schemes, disaster recovery provisions, scalability, performance and availability.


Quality Assurance and Testing

We offer a complete set of QA and testing services that span the whole software stack, including functional, scalability, performance, and user experience testing; test automation; and mobile QA across devices and systems. We define the testing strategy and execute the test plan to ensure that all business requirements are met. For more information on testing please review the services we offer as part of our Quality Assurance Practice.


Application Support and Maintenance

Whether you need support for existing applications, or applications we developed, we offer the services you need to ensure all your business systems are stable and well maintained. Our services include troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and application enhancements.


At ColabPro, our engineers have deep knowledge and first-hand working experience with all the major technologies required by enterprise IT projects today. In fact, many of our customers hire us because their “IT partner of record” does not have the required expertise for a particular need. Our expertise includes mobile and web technologies, application servers, cloud infrastructure, big data, programming languages, and development tools.