From strategy to design, implementation, and delivery, ColabPro is your best partner to enable Digital Enterprise

Whether you are looking to extend your brand to mobile devices or increase productivity by mobilizing your workforce, we offer a complete set of services, including strategy and planning, back-end integration, user experience design, and application development & testing, to deliver quality apps across all device types.


Strategy and Planning

Our consultants engage with your key stakeholders to understand your company’s needs in order to develop a strategy and plan to meet your objectives within the constraints of your organization. We can help you sort through the myriad of options, such as selecting native versus responsive web apps, selecting the right application distribution & management solution, and developing security policies.


Native Development

We have extensive experience developing iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications for smartphones and tablets. The native applications that we develop adhere to the latest usability and design guidelines for each platform and take advantage of the native APIs and sensors available in order to deliver the best user experience and performance on each platform.


Mobile Design

Our team of designers and user experience experts can ensure that your apps are easy to use, deliver the best user experience, and reflect your brand across all devices. Our designers work closely with our developers and leverage the same tool chain to ensure the end applications accurately implement intended design.

Enterprise Integration

Not all enterprise systems in use today were intended to support thousands of devices outside the firewall and connected via unreliable wireless networks. As part of our practice we can help to enable your back-end systems so all your apps can connect easily with your legacy ERP, CRM, and other business applications while ensuring security with proper authentication, authorization, and encryption.


Responsive Web Development

To ensure your apps reach the broadest possible audience with a consistent experience across all devices, we offer responsive web development services that leverage the latest HTML5 tools and JavaScript frameworks. We have experience with responsive frameworks, such as Bootstrap, to offer the best browser-based experience independent of screen size- from phones, to tablets, to desktops.


Hybrid, Cross Platform Development

To deliver cross platform applications that behave like native apps we offer hybrid HTML5 development services. Hybrid apps offer the portability of browser-based applications with the user experience of native applications and offer a more cost-effective rapid alternative to native apps for most enterprises. Our team leverages the latest platforms and frameworks, including and Apache Cordova to develop cross platform, hybrid applications that behave like native apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.


Mobile Testing

We offer a complete set of testing services for mobile apps, including native, hybrid, and responsive web apps. We support all the platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. We provide end-to-end services, including selecting devices and defining the testing strategy to ensure that functionality, user experience, and performance meet business requirements. For more information on testing please review the services we offer as part of our Quality Assurance Practice.



We have experience developing and deploying highly secure applications for some of the largest financial services and healthcare organizations in the world. Our experience covers all aspects of mobile security including authentication and authorization, application distribution and management, securing data at rest and in motion, and securing the application code itself.


Offline Synchronization

We develop applications that work reliably even in areas of limited wireless coverage. Through our services we can deploy the right infrastructure that will ensure caching of data on devices and timely synchronization with back-end infrastructure to support casually connected apps and ensure your end users can be productive regardless of network coverage.