Proven product engineering experience across the entire software product development lifecycle

Our company heritage is product-centric, with a proven record developing products. We attract talent that thrives when challenged with new product ideas, turning them into highly differentiated products for our ISV customers. In addition, our team applies a product-centric discipline to custom application development too, resulting in higher quality software that is more robust and easier to support.

Complete Product Development Lifecycle

As part of our Product Development Practice, we offer services that cover the complete product management lifecycle, including definition, implementation, support, and ongoing release management.


Product Ideation

We partner with your product managers to complete an ideation process to ensure your products reflect the voice of the customer, disrupt competitors, and create new product categories. Depending on your needs our ideation services can include a range of discovery processes from customer brainstorming to market research to hackathons.


Product Architecture

Our product architecture service delivers the software architecture required to meet your business requirements. Our architects will ensure your products can support scalability, security, availability, and maintainability objectives. In addition, our architects will make buy vs. build recommendations and will recommend the best technology stacks to meet your market requirements.


Sustaining Engineering

Whether your product is early in its lifecycle or in maintenance mode, our team can provide the sustaining engineering services to ensure continued innovation and ongoing product maintenance. We can develop major releases to introduce new functionality on a regular cadence or as required by your customer base. Our engineers work closely with the technical support team to ensure all defect reports are prioritized and assigned to upcoming product releases.


Product Testing

We develop a comprehensive test plan that includes unit testing, system testing, performance testing, regression testing, and even alpha and beta testing to ensure your product meets market requirements at the desired coverage levels. Our QA engineers work closely with our developers to ensure that defects are discovered as early as possible. In addition, we apply high levels of automation to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and product quality.


Technical Support

We partner with your team to offer all the required levels of support and appropriate handoffs. We can act as a front end for the support process, taking the first call from your customers across any channel (phone, email, chat, etc.), or serve as a point of escalation for second- or third-level support. Our team will adapt to your preferred help desk infrastructure to ensure smooth handoffs throughout the ticketing and escalation process.