We like to look at quality assurance as “quality reassurance”, so our clients can keep their focus on their businesses

We deliver comprehensive quality assurance services through full understanding of business needs, a phased approach, high degree of test automation, and performance testing. Our QA practice supports the testing of both packaged software products and custom enterprise applications.


Standalone QA

We offer standalone QA services that can be integrated with your own development teams. Our QA team becomes an integral part of your development team to ensure a seamless workflow across the entire development process.


Integrated QA

We offer integrated QA services as part of larger custom development services, following our own well-honed standard methodology. In these cases our QA teams collaborate with our business analysts and developers to ensure the QA process is fully integrated into the requirements and development process to improve overall efficiency and quality.


Performance Testing

Performance testing is used to ensure an application is responsive and stable under a particular workload. This offers the opportunity to assess other key qualities of the system, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage. Our performance testing includes the use of both commercial and open source tools, ensuring the proper tools are matched to each project.


Test Automation

Automated testing plays an important role in the software lifecycle. We can automate testing of websites, mobile apps, APIs, and other software projects to increase quality while optimizing costs. We recommend using automation as soon as a feature is stable. We match the right tool to the job by looking at a variety of factors including how well the tool identifies testing objects and how much time is needed for debugging test scripts. HP QTP and Selenium are just two examples of the tools we use for developing high-quality flexible tests.


Mobile Testing

We offer a complete set of testing services for mobile apps, including native, hybrid, and responsive web apps. We support all the platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. We provide end-to-end services, including the selection of devices and the definition of a testing strategy to ensure that functionality, user experience, and performance meet business requirements.

Phased Approach

Our QA methodology follows a four-phase approach to ensure the resulting quality will meet business requirements.

Phased approach

Start Project Phase

Test estimation for defining processes, resource requirements, and scheduling

Preparation Phase

Developing a test plan based on requirements and information gathering, including a set of test cases

Testing Phase

Continuous feedback to developers from smoke tests for each build followed by functional and regression testing (steps 2 and 3 are repeated as needed)

Test Closure

Collecting data from completed test activities to consolidate experiences, testware, key outputs, lessons learned, results, and logs — archiving test documents as a reference for future projects