Bulletproof Outsourcing

Published by Guntis Urtans on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 11:00

Is your software project outsourcing bulletproof or vulnerable? Ask these questions before you start your outsourcing journey:

















There are more questions to be answered, there are tons of blogs and books written about it, however these are probably the first ones to answer.

Project outsourcing is not a rocket science,

but it requires quite some knowledge and skills, gained through experience.

If you have not done it or if your previous project failed, you can

Ask us these questions:

How do I find the right supplier?

How do I make sure I am prepared?

We will help.

And – by the way – there is no such thing as bulletproof outsourcing. 

For any non-trivial software project – outsourced or not – there are chances to fail.

What we can do is to reduce the risk of failure as much as possible.

Have a pleasant and safe journey!

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