Drupal outsourcing research

Published by Guntis Urtans on Friday, October 04, 2013 14:15

We have recently received certain customer interest in Drupal project outsourcing and therefore decided to launch Drupal Outsourcing research in order to obtain more information about nearshore vendors providing Drupal development services.

Research will be done in following phases:

Definition of Drupal skills areas

We will propose our initial list of skills/experiences associated with Drupal projects and will ask you to review the list, rate particular items and come up with additions/replacement.
Purpose of this exercise is to create list of skills and experiences (or possibly several versions of list with different level of details) essential for Drupal projects.
Input from both suppliers (how they structure their capabilities) and customers (what they are looking for) is important at this stage.

Gathering supplier information

Once skills list will be fixed, we will convert it into survey and will offer signed suppliers to fill in information about their company skills and experience as well as Drupal related service offerings.

Survey report

Once survey information will be collected, we will distribute survey report to those, who indicated interest in results.

Audience of survey


Participants  What is expected? Why to participate?
European customers looking to outsource Drupal projects to nearshore (offshore) Review skills list Find vendor options for your next Drupal project
European Drupal vendors looking to extend their capabilities with nearshore resources Review skills list Find nearshore delivery partner
Nearshore (Eastern European) outsourcing companies looking for Drupal projects Review skills list
Submit company skills inventory
Present your capabilities
Find Drupal customer

Why European customers? - Because Colabpro primarily focuses on services for European customers
Why Eastern European vendors? - Because Colabpro primarily focuses on nearshore solution provision

and take part in our Drupal survey in any of activities:

  • Review Drupal skills categories
  • Submit your Drupal skills and experience
  • Receive survey summary report
  • Request proposal for Drupal development

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