We can evaluate Agile maturity of your organization in 4 hours

Published by Guntis Urtans on Monday, October 21, 2013 12:25

Here is how:


Activity Time in minutes Comments
Fill application form to participate in assessment 1
Receive invitation to register your Agile Team leads for survey 14  
Submit your Agile Team Lead information (name, email) 15 This may require even less if you have your project manager/  team leaders list ready.
Team leads receive invitation to take Agile Team Lead survey 30  
Team Leads fill in survey 120 50% of respondents spend less than 2 hours to fill in survey.
Receive VAMI report 60  
Total 240 minutes  

Agile Team Lead Survey


Area Number of questions
Team lead demographics 3
Professional experience 5
Agile project characteristics and demographics 11
Project practices 54

What you will get? -  Assessment report 

22 pages
17 diagrams
180 numeric values
Top 5 development priorities
Top 3 areas of misalignment
Agile Maturity indexes, gaps and distribution in 20 areas within 4 categories
Comparison of your results to market average and top performers

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