We assist our financial services clients in synchronizing their business objectives with their information technology agendas and delivering impressive economic results

Since our launch, our whole company has grown around our flagship financial services practice, so you can count on our deep expertise and extensive domain knowledge of financial services IT. The financial services industry is quite diverse and expertise from one segment does not necessarily apply to other segments. For this reason, we have built extensive domain knowledge across all key vertical segments, so you can be sure that our experts can apply the relevant best practices for your situation.


We serve institutions across the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Retail Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Exchanges and Brokerages
  • Market Data Providers

We offer a comprehensive set of services that help financial institutions improve efficiencies, meet risk and compliance regulations, and implement solutions that meet your business needs. Our services include infrastructure modernization, digital transformation, analytics, risk management and compliance, and rationalization initiatives. We help you maximize the benefits of your technology investment while reducing overall costs of ownership.

A world of wealth management in the hands of every financial advisor

ColabPro helped a global bank with hundreds of branches to mobilize its wealth management resources for its global network of financial advisors. We developed an integrated application that reduced training and ramp-up time of customer service agents, increased overall efficiency of brokers and back-office service personnel and facilitated faster time to market of system functionality.

A fast extensible framework for high-frequency trading

ColabPro helped Deutsche Bank enhance their trading applications by providing high-performance scalable gateways to numerous exchanges and a variety of instruments. ColabPro has developed a general trading connectivity framework as a foundation for building high-frequency trading gateways optimized for performance and scalability.