Helping clients create and deliver content across new channels and devices… and profit from it

ColabPro partners with media and entertainment companies to help them profit from the emerging trend toward digital consumption while maintaining their current revenue streams and reducing costs. Our clients turn to us for harnessing the latest in technological innovation to gain a competitive edge, including content discovery, audience measurement, and responsive design to ensure the best user experience across an increasing number of digital channels.

We have experience across all sectors of the media and entertainment industries, including TV networks, broadcasting companies, streaming providers, content distributors, advertising networks, and publishers.

ColabPro consultants can help with a range of projects, including:

  • Audience Segmentation and Measurement
  • Multichannel Content Distribution and Consumption
  • Content Management Systems
  • Subscriber Management Solutions
  • Advertising Platforms
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Content Discovery and Recommendations
  • Advanced Search and Retrieval

Digital advertising pricing tool

ColabPro helped a major TV network automate the pricing and scheduling for digital advertising by developing a new pricing tool. The development of this tool allowed the TV network to replace numerous Excel spreadsheets with a single tool to more quickly and efficiently create business proposals.

Advertising inventory exchange system

ColabPro designed and developed for a major TV network the exchange system, where both parties (TV network and local affiliates) can buy and sell spots to the other when it makes optimal economic sense. The exchange provides arbitrage opportunities for all market participants.