Our teams comprise professionals from US, Canada and Eastern Europe. Our flexible resource model provides experts and talents from some of the most compelling and cost effective sources. In order to provide best services to our customers, Colabpro is partnering with leading software service providers from Eastern Europe. Colabpro network provides access to over 9600 engineers in 12 countries, enabling us to cover a widest range of technologies and industry expertise.

Our clients do not have to deal with different people or teams to collaborate as our engagement model provides a seamless and highly effective management team for our clients to interact, and we provide complete transparency of our people who make the team so there is no shadow resources embedded in teams.

Our technicians have mastered latest technology in Java and .NET. They are experts and practioners in SOA, mobile and SaaS. A majority of our teams are also familiar with best practices and business processes in the relevant industries.

Our people are highly motivated and dedicated to the craft of our profession, and our passion for excellence shows in our work and in our attitude. Our management is dedicated to ensure every personnel is continually trained to improve their technical and communication skills.

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