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Before you apply - Partnership principles

  1. Non-exclusivity - both for Colabpro and partners
  2. No preferred partner - the same rules for everybody
  3. Competition - you will compete with other partners on each opportunity
  4. Flexibility - you  can decide on cooperation with Colabpro on case per case basis
  5. Cooperation with trusted vendors only - you need to pass vendor assessment process as well as periodical reviews
  6. Colabpro signs agreement with customer and involves partners as subcontractors.

What are next steps?

  1. You will receive e-mail with link to Colabpro Partner presentation describing cooperation principles and partner onboarding process. If you do not receive confirmation e-mail shortly after form submission, please check your junk mail folder! 
  2. We will review presentation during skype/conference call and initiate partner onboarding process
  3. We will sign mutual NDA to protect both parties during onboarding process
  4. You will prepare information mentioned in partner presentation
  5. We will review submited information
  6. Once we are satisfied with submited information, we will sign Partnership agreement and you will become Colabpro partner