Our technology consulting and delivery service is a unique blend of management consulting, technology assessments, project planning and software delivery services to ensure the solution can be delivered to meet clients expectations and is sustainable within the clients' profile and environment. Our core value is to help our clients to maximize their technology use while reducing overall costs of ownership.

Our delivery model relies on the skills of best available resources and utilizes a broad network of North American and Eastern European software development partners. Our main strengths are:

  • 20+ years of experience in providing software development outsourcing services to customers worldwide

  • Proprietary assessment framework for selecting best matching resources

  • Solid network of partners, built over years of experience and covering a wide range of technologies and geographies

If you are looking to outsource some of your software development, our approach enables you to make a balanced decision:

  • expand search – we have partner companies in majority of Eastern European countries

  • reduce risk in selection process – we have spent years performing assessments and analyzing performance

  • save time – we will check resource availability rapidly 

Colabpro network provides access to over 9600 engineers in 12 countries, enabling us to cover a widest range of technologies and industry expertise.