Remote IT contractors from Eastern Europe

Your access to the pool of skilled remote engineers from high-profile Eastern European companies to fill your roles in time and get the job done.

Got open jobs to fill?

Unfilled positions are missed opportunities.

Traditional recruitment may sometimes be too slow and ineffective when you need staff with very specific skills, and you need it fast. On top of time and cost overruns, this talent search can be underwhelming simply due to your recruiters’ geographic limitations.

At ColabPro, we believe in lean-agile in everything in IT — from hiring to getting the job done.

We are here to help large and medium software service providers to fill their open positions in the shortest time possible by offering on-the-bench staff from our partner IT companies in more than 50 countries of the world.

Hiring remote talents helps you

Save time
Decrease costs of recruitment (and make it less painful)
Avoid employment bureaucracy

… while getting significant value for your project.

We can offer skilled staff where traditional recruitment fails

Our goal is to help out by filling hard-to-recruit positions. We do not take over your direct recruitment, and we respect that it will always be your first choice.

Our competitive advantage enables us to fill the gaps even for the most in-demand talent:

Own IT talent pool

The diversity of our partner network enables us to pick skilled candidates for IT projects of all types, sizes, and industries.

Broad geography coverage

Our candidates come from over 75 partner outsourcing companies, primarily located in Eastern Europe.

No tech stack limits

We can offer candidates commanding any programming languages, frameworks, and tools for your boldest projects.

Customized staff search

We hand-pick IT talents according to your requirements (skills profile, rate, geo-restrictions, etc.)

Quick search results

We usually come up with a list of candidates in 2-3 days or even faster if the candidate is already on our partner’s bench.

Bureaucracy-free hiring

Subcontracting gives you the flexibility to onboard and off-board project resources easily at any time, with no additional costs or loyalty issues involved.