Partnership principles

  1. Non-exclusivity – both for Colabpro and partners
  2. No preferred partner – the same rules for everybody
  3. Competition – you will compete with other partners on each opportunity
  4. Flexibility – you  can decide on cooperation with Colabpro on case per case basis
  5. Cooperation with trusted vendors only – you need to pass vendor assessment process as well as periodical reviews
  6. Colabpro signs agreement with customer and involves partners as subcontractors.

Our promise to partners

  1. Our recommendations to customers are based exclusively on our opinion about the best solution for customer
  2. We request only information we really need and when we need 
  3. We do our best to provide you with our best estimates about your chances in specific opportunity and let you decide if you are willing to invest in it

Pricing and payment terms

  1. Colabpro selects partner for engagement based on cost performance applying customer restrictions and constraints.
  2. Payment terms for particular engagement depends on relevant terms of Colabpro agreement with customer.

On-boarding process

In order to become Colabpro partner, vendor should pass Colabpro assessment (called also On-boarding).
During on-boarding process Colabpro collects essential information about your company and evaluates your  capabilities.
Successful assessment results in singing partnership (service resales) agreement.
On-boarding process is limited to 3 months. If you are not able to provide all information in reasonable time, we foresee issues with further communications and cooperations.  

On-boarding process description

Opportunity processing

  1. For any customer opportunity Colabpro selects candidates among partners based on customer requirements and partner profile (skills, competences, price range, Agile maturity etc.).
  2. Partners receive information about opportunity and can respond with their interest and submit candidates for project team.
  3. Colabpro selects partners whom they would like to work with on project and signs relevant SOW (based on customer agreement).

Project execution

  1. As rule, Colabpro assigns one of the partners as leading for technical implementation. Selected partner works closely and under supervision of Colabpro account manager.
  2. If needed, Colabpro can involve more than one partner on project. Additional partner teams are supervised by Colabpro account manager and leading technical partner management.