ColabPro respects your right to privacy and your right to limit information exchanges to only those you initiate. We do acquire certain personal information from private individuals in the course of business, but we do not share this personal information with third parties. We do use this information to better serve you and facilitate your use of our website.

ColabPro may acquire a private individual’s personal information from online requests or e-mail messages sent to us. Only those ColabPro employees who require this information will have access to it. The ColabPro web server also records visitor IP addresses and domain names for reporting and site usage analysis. This information is reported internally and then purged when necessary. ColabPro will not intentionally disclose a private individual’s personal information to any third parties for marketing or promotional purposes or for any other purpose unless a court orders us to do so. If, despite our security precautions, personal information about a private individual is inadvertently disclosed, we will do everything reasonable to limit and remedy the disclosure. However, ColabPro accepts no liability for any unintentional disclosure.

If you supply ColabPro with your e-mail address, postal address, or phone number through our site, you may receive promotional or informational communications from ColabPro. If you prefer not to receive these communications, an option to unsubscribe should be included in the message. If you have any questions about how we use the information you provide or if you are having any issue with unsubscribing yourself, please send an e-mail message to us at [email protected].